See Who Is Supporting “Forest In A Box”

Michael D. Higgins, President of The Republic of Ireland

“I would like to send my best wishes to you on the occasion of the European Premiere of “Call of the Forest”, the Forgotten wisdom of trees. This important film reminds us of the profound importance of our Ancient forests and native Woodlands, not only in sustaining life on our shared planet but also in inspiring and enriching our culture. The world has recognised the importance of restoring native Woodlands, halting the loss of biodiversity and preventing the degradation of natural habitats through a shared global commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals. We all of us, must play our part and so I wish to commend the”Forest in a Box”, initiative for offering school children in Ireland the opportunity to contribute to this global effort”..

Diana Beresford Kroeger

 “The Woodland League, “Forest in a Box”, will put the future into the hands of children. Together, only together, we will restore the Great Forest of Aughty of Ireland. The mighty tree of Brian Boru will no longer be lonely. The ‘Call of the Forest – The Forgotten Wisdom of Trees’, film, is the S.O.S., and heard across the planet. All, will come from the green beating heart of County Clare, Ireland, like a long ribbon of life” Quotation by, Diana Beresford Kroeger, award winning scientist, ethno-botanist, and best selling author.

Martin Hayes, Musician & Irish Cultural Ambassador 

Restoring our native forests, so revered in Ancient Gaelic society, is inextricably linked to our natural, cultural and spiritual well being, in the same way that traditional music and landscape are deeply connected, The Woodland League “Forest in a Box” project, is therefore, a very fitting way for national school children to honour the land, and reconnect to our Forest Culture“, Quotation by Martin Hayes, musician, (The Gloaming).